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Mount Falakro (“Bald  mountain”) is the hallmark of the Drama prefecture. It got its name from its lack of vegetation. Rugged slopes covered with bushes. Beech forests may surprise visitors ascending to the plateau of Volakas. The Nestos lakes can be seen to the North.

It is one of the highest mountains in Greece with the peak of Profitis Ilias at 2232 metres above sea-level. It is formed from granite and limestone.

Today Falakro is one of the most important climbing areas in Greece. It is ideal for skiing at the ski centre, hiking, climbing, mountain skiing, 4 x 4 trails, mountain biking and aerial sports. Breath-taking experiences and unique emotions for adventure-lovers. It has some of the highest and most difficult slopes for climbing with different degrees of difficulty.

The importance of Mount Falakro’s flora and fauna led to its inclusion in and protection under the “Nature 2000” network with the name “Mount Falakro Peaks”.



The ski centre is 42 km from the city of Drama at a height of 2230 m.
It is located at the border of the municipality of Nevrokopi in an area with very high forested mountains and abundant water resources.

The last 3 years have seen the introduction of 3 new sliding lifts, one four-seat- and one two-seat aerial detachable chair and a snow tubing park. The ski centre has a total of 9 lifts and 20 slopes. Mount Falakro is the largest skiing area in Macedonia and alongside Kalavrita it is the second largest in Greece after Mount Parnassos. 3 chalets are in operation on Falakro as well as 4 shops where you can buy or rent ski equipment and take skiing lessons.



The Gorge of Towers

The route is almost level, with very few uphill parts.
The starting point is the Metamorfosis tou Sotiros church and from there on to the shelter, at “Kapi”, the entry into the Gorge.
The ground, which is strewn with stones from torrents, lies between sheer, forested ridges. In the narrowest pass of Falakro, called “Naskvitsa”, whose width does not exceed 3 – 5 metres, water basins are formed.

Climbing sectors of central Falakro.
Notable as some of the most breath-taking in Greece:
They are formed by the slopes that are encompassed by the Falakro peaks which create a 3 km crown (from West to East):

“Kartalkas”, “Faraggi peak”, “Hionotripa”, “Profitis Ilias” “Pseftodonti”, “Vertena”.



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