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Hotel history

In the 50’s and 60’s when Greece was being rebuilt, the Greek National Tourism Organisation (GNTO), with the great visionary of post-war Greek architecture Architect Aris Konstantinides as Technical Services Manager, started to carry out a programme of hotel and motel construction which was the pride and joy of the GNTO since the hotels and motels attracted thousands of people, thus boosting touristic development in Greece.

The Xenia hotels were characterised by their high quality and aesthetics. They were constructed within the framework of a tourism policy related to the main aim of economic development of Greece and the hotels were the cornerstone of Greek tourism development. Built in prime locations, they strongly bore the mark of the inspired architect, Aris Konstantinides, and his collaborators. Clean-cut, masterly compositions, perfectly adapted to the fragile Greek landscape, as if they had always been there, ideal positioning, combination of indoor with open-air spaces, internal patios and courtyards, large windows, balconies affording the best views of each location. Over 40 “Xenias” constituted a unique network of complexes boasting excellent architecture and construction.

Drama’s “Xenia” hotel, which is located in the Municipal Gardens of Drama, in the town centre, was designed in 1961 by Aris Konstantinides’ collaborator, architect Konstantinos Stamatis, with an original capacity of 24 rooms and 44 beds.

In 1979 a new storey was added following a GNTO design, doubling the hotel’s capacity from 24 to 48 rooms and from 44 to 88 beds.



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